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Leather is quite an important material when it comes to fashion accessories. Bags, belts, bracelets, you can find leather in each and every material. It is also quite versatile when it comes to cuts and styles. That is why not only men but women also love wearing leather accessories.

But finding genuine leather products are hard these days as there are plethora of online stores selling fake leather products at extremely high prices. Finding good quality genuine leather products is utterly important as there is a great difference between real and fake leather. Not only does the quality differ in real and fake leather but durability also varies.

We get so many queries from customers that how we can differentiate between genuine and fake leather. Well, here are 5 tests that you can apply to your leather products to find out if you have invested in real leather or fake one.


5 Methods to Identify Genuine Leather:

  1. The burn test: If you want to know whether the product is made from real leather or not, take a small portion of leather and burn it. If it is real leather, it will smell like burning hair and give a slightly charred texture. But if it is synthetic leather, the burning smell will be like burning plastic. This method is the best way to identify the genuine and fake leather.
  2. Checking the edges of the leather: The edges of genuine leather is not always even and properly shapes. If you are checking leather that is properly shaped, make sure that it is real because only the fake products are clearly shapes and have perfect edges.
  3. The wrinkle test: Pure natural leather has a tendency to bend and get wrinkles. Genuine leather is also prone to exertion and changes its color when bent. The artificial leather is not easily bent and stiff. This is the great way to test the originality of the leather. If you have a leather belt or any other leather product, use the wrinkle test to test its authenticity.
  4. The water test: Genuine leather absorbs water and moisture easily within a few seconds. Fake leather, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb water that much quickly rather create wet patches on its surface. So next time you go out for shopping leather products, make sure to keep a water bottle at hand to apply this water test.
  5. Smoothness test: Genuine leather is not so smooth, as it contains impurities in raw form. The artificial leather is made smooth and extra shiny which is not a property of real leather. So check the smoothness of the material if you are buying leather product to make sure that you get genuine leather for such a hefty price tag, not a fake one.

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